Welcome to Nitpick Zone Act 1, where I pretend I have a sense of humor while I point out every minor flaw that exists in something that I don't like.

I'm sure you know where this is going. Don't get me wrong; Aichiya is a cool guy. Just...


I could probably dedicate a cool 200 or so screenshots to the crazy engrish in this hack alone, but that'd be way too rude when his english is still better than most native speakers.

We then proceed to the part where Birch is being assaulted by a threatening Kogasa. I'm going to make sure to take all of my screenshots late at night o that it's stupidly difficult to see; I don't want any of you to miss out on the full WL experience.

The starter choice in this game is rather eclectic in that none of them are particularly great and they don't have anything to do with each other, let alone form a type weakness triangle. That's fine though, since your rival doesn't even get another one of these for their battles, because game design.

Also, our starter choice doesn't matter in the fucking slightest because I want this miserable slog done and over with as soon as possible. I'm sure you all know what ZYoumu is by now, but for a refresher course it has 245 Attack and Pure Power. At level 5, this thing has effectively 60 Attack.

Of course, we still need a mascot, so meet Celia. She isn't named Celia yet because RSE, but she will be once I hit the name rater. This is really just stalling, the Kogasa died violently to a Thunderpunch.

The cute thing about RSE is that when you're given a chance to name your starter, Birch is just reading the first Pokemon in your party to pull its name and pull the nickname event, so it doesn't expect something to be here that's not a starter. This is a lot of words for saying that one of the Youmus gets nicknamed based on Zeta's whim, and that Celia is going to take a little longer to become kawaii.

Reason number 2 nobody picks Luize as a starter is that your rival gets a bloody Mima.

Aichiya made sure to make a huge a mockery of Hoenn as possible as he was doing this hack, and every route looks something like this.

Here we have Yet Another Disgusting Addition (tm) in the form of Vocaloids being in a Touhou hack, because the two are obviously the same thing. It has 170/170 offenses and the first thing this trainer does is pop an X Special while you fail to OHKO it because super bosses this early are a fun thing and not frustrating at all, and then proceeds to use STAB Hyper Voice and +1 Thundershock until either it dies or your level 10 team wipes for the shortest Nuzlocke Forum Let's Play ever.

Of course, we're not going to have any of that.

Then she gives us some box fodder and runs off. Wally!

The scene that's about to transpire is an example of everything you shouldn't do in a hack.

At this point the game doesn't know what the fuck, and if we try to run we can't escape so we just use the next puppet.

At least the game doesn't crash.

And then Not!Renko gives us this thing so we can pretend Kanto was well-made.

Somewhere along the lines I faceroll the Aqua grunt that was in the forest and didn't bother to remember it other than the Devon dude saying he really liked Wriggles.

I think this battle was a little one-sided. This is also the reason I generated two ZYoumus instead of one; Celia is going to be the adorable kawaii mascot sipping apple juice from a box while sitting on Soniti's shoulder instead of battling.

After reaching the Rustboro healing center, we meet two people swimming in the floor tiles and a friendly shrine maiden who gives us level 90 Zero forms to use as HM slaves. I've modified this WL ROM, just in case you can't tell.

Level design!

These things are pretty much your only chance in any level of hell you have of defeating Roxanne without grinding to level 20 off of level 5 wilds, but we'll get into that in a few minutes.

At level 10, ZYoumu tries to learn this move. There is next to no reason to use this over Blade Flash, as Blade Flash has the same BP, the same PP, +1 priority, and can actually kill things. Some people think that it's a better idea to have this move instead of Blade Flash.

I'm great at pacing threads, you see.

Here's the #nd glaring problem with this hack, illegal evolutions. Nobody really complained when Falkner did it, but

Falkner didn't have a STAB 150 BP Hyper Beam-styled attack on his Pidgeotto. You have to use resists to get past this, and if you don't have any for Ground you may as well just level to 20 off the wilds nearby while pretending people are going to read your thread. Go ahead, it'll be fun, I swear! All those Touhou fans are going to love it.

And then we have an Iku because wildcards and themed trainers without any warning.

Has anybody complained about this? People have complained about "Puppet Navigator > Tohonav" but I don't think I've saw any about this. Then again, I don't read WL threads.

Then there's another Rival battle, in which my rival has suddenly pulled a Marisa out of her ass.

I'm sure there's been many, many "jokes" made about this scene. Probably things like "OH NO RUN NITORI BRINEY IS GOING TO RAPE YOU xD" or somesuch. You know, because that's funny. Absolutely hilarious.
(it's not. the culture of the forum this was initially going to be posted on in 2012 makes my stomach churn when i look back on it. -2019 agastya)

When I first tried playing this I thought this was cool because I was being given the illusion of exploration. Unfortunately for me I then rolled up to Not!Brock's gym with my team of level 13s and got facerolled by level 40s, and after I threw level 90s at him I was railroaded in disgusting ways.

At least you can use a Repel here to obtain a guaranteed Chibi Alice if you're into that kind of thing.

When it's brighter inside a cave than it is outside, your day/night system has a problem. Insert the entire sidequest here; add a pile of dead Chibi Rumias if you wish.


Instead of editing the Battle Tents, he replaces them with caves instead. They have some admittedly sweet loot inside them, so I can't think too ill of him.

You should know where this is going, I think.

And then Brawly, the Fighting leader, throws a Sakuya at us as his wild card because his highest leveled puppet is a Meiling (spoilers). The cute thing is that Private Square has a wicked 20% freeze rate.

Speaking of Meiling, it has 90 ATK and 20 SATK. Its only Physical moves are Karate Chop and Dynamicpunch, with its other two being Fire/Ice Punch. If you trip over a ghost at any point and it's still alive, this is the polar opposite of threatening.

Of course, you could just freeze it with ZYoumu Ice Punches, and watch the AI do nothing because recovery item usage is broken. If you can't tell I won then you don't really know where this thread is going and you should probably go back to reading more interesting ones instead.

Two badges worth of nitpicking should be enough for now. I think I'm going to stop this here and pretend this doesn't exist for a few weeks, since I've already made more progress in this than most WL threads would make within fifteen updates.