What starts out as an innocent visit to Mossdeep gives us a glimpse of the dumbest map edit this game has to offer.
We'll touch up on that shortly, but first I'm going to showcase what we're not allowed to get to yet due to it.

Personally, I don't get why we're not supposed to be here yet.

The great thing about this battle is that I can show their entire team in two screenshots.
I actually like that the gym follows a single type, but unfortunately LPatchouli is made of cardboard and will most likely die before she accomplishes anything, even in a normal run.


Wriggle? Well, it's different so I'll let it slide. Any Yukis though?



Wait, is that a competent team?



Thanks game! I didn't want to enjoy this for too long. At least it was better than six Utsuhos. I guess.

Here we have the defining moment of World Link, affectionally known as the Tree Maze. He replaced the ocean in this area with an oceanic forest maze and if it's your first time playing this game, this is likely what's going to happen (please excuse my taste in music). This stands between you and reaching the Sky Pillar/Pacifidlog, so it's a little bit of a thing.

To save your time and ears, the solution isn't running around for an opening, but is instead finding a dive spot and navigating an underwater maze instead. Why anybody with any form of respect for their playerbase would do this is a mystery, and I personally just used Advance Map to walk through the maze walls instead.

The edit itself isn't that graceful.

Aqua is somewhat better at this variety thing than Magma is, but I'm not going to give them as many screenshots because I'm 8 years old and I think lava is betterer than water.

This is an extreme nitpick when I'm already nitpicking everything else, but wouldn't Sanae be a better fit on this team than the Hina? Hina can't really do anything to the player but Explode at this point in the game.

Here we have Aichiya doing his best to make this scene fitting. It's honestly not that bad, it's just that the cutscene's implementation itself is holding it back.

Reaching the Sky Pillar in hopes of finding LwKanako to calm down this terrible fight, we see that she's out on a lunch break and Rayquaza is going to do the job instead. Not knocking this because it's Rayquaza, but it's just a little.. jarring, I guess? Anyway, it's cutscene time. To make sure you get the full experience, I have captured it in a series of tumblr-esque .gif images, so make sure to rate five stars and subscribe.

Anjiru was a man of taste, I'll give him that.

My main complaint is that this is pretty obviously meant to be a team of characters related to Cirno, and Mai is only related by type, STOP MAKING ME HAVE TO DESTROY MAI WAIFU. Back on topic, the Kogasa was a Christmas Cirno in Scarlet.

I'd just like to take this time to say that of all the Engrish present, this is the funniest, since it reminds me of when I played other bad games. "All present for the destruction of weapons that exist cursed. The sword is the curse of his master, and is the owner and make someone unhappy."

Victory Road time.

Wally's team is themed after the magicians in the series, barring Rikako. Unfortunately this leaves him open to dying violently to Shadow Ball, and even a vanilla EX Youmu would tear into this like a delicious snack. That doesn't say much considering EX Youmu solos most of the games, but still.

Where were you during all those Magma events?

Status update: 620 attack at level 56.

After making it through PC-98 Road, we arrive five minutes too late to save the Hoenn League from cruiser missiles.

yukari what are you doing stop it
you're not a good girl anymore

Now for what it's worth, this scene would have actually been an excellent time to allow the player to travel to Kanto. NotBrock/NotMisty's levels would have made sense, and it would have just felt better than walking up to the Pewter Gym at level 16 and getting steamrolled.

Sadly, this is instead used as an excuse to give the player three maps worth of Another World's version of Gensokyo.

I don't actually hate it though, because it's a very solid training spot. The wilds are an acceptable level, and there is a pair of repeatable trainers worth ~22000 EXP near a healing spot.

Of course, there has to be something to nitpick about it, or else I wouldn't be playing this game again.

This is the last .gif for a while, I promise.

Ladies and gentlemen, game design.

I can't go a post without trying to find something you could make an immature joke with, so do with this as you will.
The Akyuu you get is level 20 and holding a Last Tag, so hey it's nice of him. I like free things.

As if going through Victory Road once wasn't enough, you get to go through it again.

Only now there's dull unavoidable trainers weaker than the ones in Hoenn Victory Road, the map is completely linear with no sense of exploration, and it's overall bland and unenjoyable.

Entering the hole in the wall sends us directly into the league building, which is kind of jarring atmospherically.

This is going to be extremely close, but I think I can handle it.


I wasn't joking when I said he had an EX Shou with Memento.

All you really need for him is a good Fighting/Steel attack. Next.


I hope I don't need to say anything here other than "um" because I'm drawing a complete blank.

Didn't Sidney already have a Flandre? This trainer was Alice in Scarlet, what does the majority of this team have to actually do with her? What does it have to do with the Ice type in general?

Next up we have Koakuma Drake and his team of legendaries, because the legendaries in this game are all extremely powerful.
By powerful, I mean they're all weak to EX Youmu's STAB attacks.

These are the first two "proper" original trainer edits from Scarlet on all the Leaders/E4 members.
It doesn't really mean anything, but at least the entire game wasn't just Scarlet Emerald 3.0. I guess.

I wouldn't want to rob you of an exciting finale for Wallace, so I took the liberty to record the battle. I'm sure you'll find it tense and action-packed.

I don't want to do Kanto right now. I think I'll go a day or so without playing this game and then maybe if I care enough, I'll come back to it.