nope, nope, nope

i was originally going to put a proper update here and hopefully finish this hack off once and for all, but then i got to the lost age of java

it was a long featureless map


a straight line with a few 90 degree angles

nothing but unavoidable trainers

no eye candy
no personality
no reason to care
no reason to play the game
no idea how to design a region

its just at this point i asked myself

"what am i accomplishing by playing this mess"

it wasn't fun, there wasn't an enjoyable plot, it just

i dunno

here's all that's left of my notes:

1) a video showing the greatest map ever made in the history of rom hacks

2) the elite four rematch sets

DLwRumia @ Blackglasses, Crunch/Poison Bomb/Memento/Slash
LwYuuka @ Miracle Seed, Hourai Petals/Master Spark/Flamethrower/Parasol Star
LwChen @ Soft Sand: Earthquake/Crush Claw/Poison Claw/Soar
LwFlandre @ Leftovers: Superpower, Flamethrower, Heart Break, Laevatein
FRumia @ Leftovers: Minds Eye, Cross Chop, Crunch, Shadow Ball
ZRumia @ Leftovers: Crunch, Minds Eye, Double Edge, Cross Chop

youki @ leftovers: petal storm, blade flash, slash, shadow ball
lyoumu @ focus band: petal storm, minds eye, body slam, shadow ball
layla @ spell tag: shadow ball, psychic, thunderbolt, memento
lkana @ leftovers: shadow ball, extrasensory, occult dance, thunder wave
lyuyuko @ leftovers: tiny spring, butterfly, yawn, shadow ball
zyoumu @ choice band: double edge, brick break, shadow ball, steel fist

LwCirno @ Leftovers: Brick Break, Ice Beam, (9) Ball, Diamond Dust
AdCirno @ Leftovers: EXCALIPOOR, Diamond Dust, HAIL, Slash
AdLetty @ Leftovers: Mana Charge, Mirror Coat, HAIL, Blizzard
LwCirno @ Leftovers: Diamond Dust, (9) Ball, Brick Break, Hail
AdCirno @ Leftovers: Dynamicpunch, Slash, EXCALIPOOR AGAIN, Diamond Dust
ZCirno @ Leftovers: Diamond Dust, (9) Ball, Ice Beam, HAIL

ESasha @ Leftovers: Dragon Fever, Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Body Slam
EMitori @ Leftovers: Dragon Fever, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Dragon Meteor
DLwHina @ Leftovers: Poison Bomb, Selfdestruct, Hydro Pump, Protect
Sariel @ Leftovers: Psychic, Shadow Ball, Memento (Yes, it only has three moves)
Elis @ Leftovers: Thunderbolt, Psychic, Doom Desire, Recover
Ho-oh @ Leftovers: Hell's Tokamak, Thunderbolt, Earthquake, Thunder Wave

LwNitori @ Leftovers: Rain Dance, Surf, Blizzard, Thunder
LwFlandre @ BlackGlasses: Brick Break, Crunch, Flamethrower, Laevatein
LwTenshi @ Leftovers: Rock Slide, Hisou Sword, Swagger, Ancientpower
LwMarisa @ Leftovers: Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Five Elements, -Extremespeed-
A-VIVIT @ Salac: Flamethrower, Ice Beam, White Wings, Recover
ZSuwako @ Petaya: Hydro Cannon, Thunder, Rain Dance, Ice Beam

all of them are doubles and they're all poorly designed
i dont remember what half these moves do and i dont care enough to look them up
the only important one is excalipoor, which is just a 40 bp false swipe
on a postgame challenge
on the elite

its going to take a hell of a lot more than converting this to 1.8 to make it an enjoyable game, and i don't know if aichiya actually realizes this or not
i've been debating if i should even post this or not because i don't want the guy to stop hacking
i just want him to stop trying to do things on his own
yet at the same time, he doesn't really seem to have any peers available that can properly guide him
almost every trainer in java was a reference to a forum member in some random community
its just

the main concept is flawed, its hard enough to balance one region's difficulty curve and he has "three"
its not even three because kanto is literally irrelevant and java is a joke but whatever
i wish him the best of luck
i hope he's able to find some way of getting it to work

this pseudo-lp couldn't have ended any other way, i feel