Remember those hilarious posts I made where I was playing a game I didn't enjoy just for the amusement/education of others? I'm doing it again. No need to thank me.

Similarly to World Link, I think the tone of what to expect is being set rather early in: we haven't even hit the title screen and we're already in TRUE TOUHOU FANS ONLY!!!!! territory.

Speaking of title screens, this is where I formally state something like "Hi my name is Agastya and welcome to my Let's Play of Touhoumon Another World!!!" It's not as bad as World Link was, but that's primarily because it's not just reskinned hoenn with bland extra maps.

maribel no what did they do to you

After we get through the naming process we're treated to an adorable cutscene telling us what happens in the first ten minutes of FRLG. Unfortunately this is before we're given the chance to increase the text speed, and it's also about as clunky as you would expect a literal and unprofessional translation to be.

It also likes to repeat itself.

Something Bad (tm) happens, we are magiced away to Gensokyo, and a Chibi Remilia appears.

The game doesn't have the decency to let us try to defend ourselves, and we're instead terribly maimed offscreen as Reimu rushes to our rescue.

Apparently the starter choices Oak gave you and your rival were the three light fairies, and the fairy you get is supposedly randomly generated. So I can save a bunch of words, Electric>Water>Fire=Electric say WHAAAAAAAAAAT

Leaving the room gives us a plot dump. Saying "Yes" here is pretty pointless apart from skipping a few lines of text, as if you say "No" Reimu is suddenly inflicted with JRPG NPC Syndrome and asks you what happened to you anyway, then acts surprised when you don't.

I want to stop posting screenshots about the awkward translation, but I just can't.

Another thing this hack tends to do is have hilarious graphical glitches. We're almost past the tutorial sequence, just sit tight a little longer.

The starter choice is rather basic among Touhou hacks that came out around this time, in that Marisa completely destroys both of your other options. Of course, if you saw Act 1, you should know this is going to be completely irrelevant because

I'm fighting bullshit with bullshit, and there's not a god damned thing you can do to stop me. No, these are not in official AW. Yes, they all have 990 BST like the other Zero forms. Yes, "waifu." Their abilities are Serene Grace, Elegance (Compoundeyes), and Wonder Guard, because fuck this game. Back to plot, Reimu tells us to go hit up Akyuu for some advice and sends us off to the human village.

Leaving the shrine again we get attacked by the same Chibi Remilia that bopped us in the opening. It's a forced shiny because (Japan/Aichiya/Both) think that's funny, and Aichiya even added a check which crashes the game if you capture it since it's plot-relevant later. That sound you hear is your own laughter, don't be alarmed.

At least we get the Running Shoes early in (by the way, we've reached the village) instead of having to grind without them. Offscreen there's more plot and Akyuu upgrades your Pokedex to the National dex along with giving you orbs, then tells you to head to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Let's just make it official here that most of the plot is being skipped or summarized, if you want to actually see the text you're going to have to play the game yourself. I'm sorry.

Aya makes her grand entrance north of the village after we beat up a few helpless trainers, and attempts pressuring us for the sake of an interview,

and battles us because we're playing as a silent pro-tah-gon-ist. This naming scheme on characters being portrayed as trainers is going to be a regular thing, so I hope it doesn't bother you nearly as much as it bothers me.

Worth noting is that without actually grinding, my team's average level is 7,

and she has Potions. Normally this wouldn't be relevant since items are broken in the default release of AW, but I hate myself and like seeing "Nameless Fairy used Full Restore!" so I fixed it for my own copy.

Also she has the obligatory Chibi Aya. As you've probably noticed by now, this game uses 1.8 sprites despite being 1.5-based, so it gets kind of confusing for me at times.

I didn't mention this until now since it's more relevant, but why is she named? Touhou fans would already know who she is, and I can understand that holding her name from them is pointless, but she never formally introduced herself to the player. For all MC knows, they could be named Sue, but maybe it's implied that we learned her name from the Chibi Aya.

Suddenly a trainer tells us that puppets can evolve and throws a level 10 Lily White at us. Fortunately it only knows Endure, so the only threat it poses is to your PP, and the fact you have an entire unevolved team which can barely scratch it.

This is the first of many random trainers with the same name and appearance. As you can guess, she throws LilyW and LilyB forms at us, and they have Endure. I hope you really like Endure, it shows up all the time about now.

In addition to LilyW/LilyB forms, they also use characters that show up in the area they lurk in (which is EoSD in this case, so Cirno Patchouli etc). Where are the actual fairies? Daiyousei is a fairy AND she starred in EoSD, why is she not being used by any of these trainers?

The Healing Centers here also have a Chibi Nitori next to the nurse which acts as a Pokemart. What's adorable is that Candid Friend begins playing if you start shopping.

Meiling is sleeping on the job when you talk to her, so you have no choice but to walk past her. Upon doing that she suddenly wakes up because it's plot relevant, and then battles you without trying to clear up any misunderstandings because she's the gate keeper.

Her first puppet spams Protect.

Her second puppet reminds us that this is based on a Japanese hack and that grinding is fun.

The sprites in this game often mess up and show different sprites with incorrect palettes, but what I'm really showing off here is why I don't want to cover any more text in this game than I have to. Sakuya gets Akyuu's letter and escorts us inside.

Another thing I find really cute is that MC is absolutely terrified of Remilia due to her past experience with the CRemilia bonking her on the noggin, and she actually walks backwards while following Sakuya to make sure she's not going to get attacked again.

The letter changes hands again, and Patchouli begins dumping plot. If you really want to know what the plot is, here's a summary:

1) Marisa stole some books
2) Patchcon happens
3) Patchouli blows everything away (including said books)
4) Magical dolls begin reproducing in the wild

We then get a fetch quest to go retrieve said books. The first one is in an abandoned mansion slightly north, but it's dark and we need the Flash HM or something. I'm not going to complain too much since there's actually a plot that makes some form of sense, and I still kind of like this hack at times.

This is not one of those times.

I'd like to take this time to remind you that Meiling was only level 12.

She also has 80 BP STAB at this early point in the game. In fairness you'd probably be somewhere around 13 or 14 when battling her for the first time, but this is still a huge dick move that serves to remind you that this is a grinding game, and only true Touhou fans are allowed because Touhou is hard!

please stop

Beating her nets the Flash HM, which is a 70 BP/90 acc Psychic move that lowers accuracy at an alarming rate, along with invisibly setting the Boulder Badge so that we can actually use it. In the JP version the badge icon was supposedly replaced with a Remilia symbol, but don't quote me on that.

where are the fairies im leaving

If you thought Japan was done being inconsiderate, think again. This is the obligatory Prismriver section, and at this low a level hitting ghosts is a problem, or it would be if you weren't already level 20 from beating Remilia.

There's also these on trainers. I mentioned previously that they're Shedinjas, but now you can't run from them. It's still not a big problem, if you took Reimu you can just Pursuit them and anything else can easily survive its 30 Licks before Struggle kills it. Also worth noting is that any trainer that has one is completely avoidable and you get a Thief TM on the second floor, so we'll let it slide for now.

At the end of the dungeon is a dark room with the Prismriver sisters. They talk among themselves for a bit, then suggest battling since nobody ever shows up in their creepy ghost palace.

They're not safe from the sprites, and their team is the obligatory first evolutionary form of each sister.

They all know Night Shade, Performance, and Psikokinesis (which is a renamed Psychic, which I am also going to call "Mana Burst" from this point on because I dislike my readers as much as Japan dislikes fun), and all hold Sitrus Berries. Their fourth move depends on the sister: Lunasa has Shadow Ball, Merlin has Flamethrower, and Lyrica has Thunderbolt. Oh and yes, this trainer has Super Potions while your best healing items are Potions, why do you ask?

you're not a ghost
you're a fairy
stop lying to me aichiya

This is the first of the six tomes. Returning it earns us the aforementioned Amulet Coin and information on the location of the next tome, which is the Forest of Magic.

Leaving the Mansion after handing over the tome treats us to another Aya scene where she notices us and flies off, serving as a warning that Aya's going to jump us soon instead of right at this moment.

She instead waits until we're walking across a bridge to jump us. Obviously, a battle is involved.

The obligatory Aya and Momiji are at first evolution, and Momiji is so jealous of Aya's 1.8 sprite that she nearly slaughters Mai with a 4x effective attack because Aerial Ace is clearly a Steel move.

These two don't make a lick of sense, though.

Well okay, unknown uncle!

I'd normally praise Japan for finally admitting the light fairies exist, but they're only being sent out now because we're coming up on the FoM instead of being around the SDM.

Why weren't there any of these around the Mansion? She was in EoSD and is more relevant there than the FoM. Fairy Wars wasn't out when Gensokyo Scenario was released, so that's not a good reason either.

In every scene where backstory is being explained in the background, the game fades to black. It starts out innocently enough, but once you're scrounging up the other tomes it gets tedious.

The pricing on these goods is kind of awkward when you think that they're about the same price of a Bicycle, but I guess you could write that off as being in Gensokyo and not Kanto.

Entering the FoM, we're given a rather pointless (but optional) tutorial for something that didn't actually get ported. In Gensokyo Scenario, the FoM supposedly had a Safari Zone-esque timer effect on it, and the mushrooms shown produce either Tiny/Big/Heal/Poison Mushrooms, with Heal Mushrooms refreshing your timer and Poison Mushrooms being there in case you feel like making a bad decision. The mushrooms respawn upon leaving and returning to the map, so money stops being relevant if you really want to farm mushrooms all day.

They're not safe from the hilarious graphical issues on the overworld.

Not everything was translated very gracefully. That's enough pretending to do a good job of covering this game, I'm going to skip ahead to the middle of the forest now.

Alice fades the screen to black, says that her adorable dolls are far better than any puppet, and heals us before we head back out to Marisa's place.

Speaking of whom, a battle happens.

Before you don't ask, yes, she has good moves and Sitrus Berries.

To break the trend, this puppet holds a Lum instead of a Sitrus. Staying in line with it, it's packing Five Elements, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, and Spore, which acts as Swagger in this version. Unfortunately, it didn't always act like Swagger, and Marisa had vanilla Pokemon Spore because that's completely fair and balanced.

Speaking of fair and balanced, her Marisa actually used to be a ZMarisa holding a Starf Berry in earlier versions until Aichiya finally realized how stupid that was. I won't linger over the details too long, but ZMarisa is Kyogre++ with Water typing, Drizzle, and access to Thunder off 190 Special Attack and 210 Speed. Expect to see more discussion of Zero forms as the time comes.

Marisa lies about losing the one tome she had left over and the MC believes it because they're not as genre-savvy as the actual player is. Aya then busts into her house, catches her looking at books, and then promises to keep quiet about it as long as she's given advance warning for any incidents Marisa may cause with said books.

I think this route name was a little too long for the engine.

I'd want to die too if my trainer class was renamed to "Cosplayer."

The last "Nitorimart" before the end of vanilla Gensokyo Scenario has every evolutionary stone in it. Aichiya added Last Tags to the bottom as well at a wickedly expensive price (65k), but that doesn't matter when we could spend two years farming Mushrooms for Last Word forms.

This will in no way be important later. Reaching this town set some flags and now we can reach the Hakurei Shrine easily, so that's our next destination.

It marks the end of vanilla Gensokyo Scenario,

as well as the beginning of where I hate nearly everything this game stands for.