I won't dwell on the Cut issue for too long, but the mandatory legendary encounter between you and Kanto has a much larger sword than this and can't use Cut.

I guess this is about average with the trainers on the S.S. Anne, but there were still trainers outside Vermilion with level 45s.

Surge's team isn't anything too special, but why does he have a Dark EX Marisa? Weren't Darks initially meant to be used on Rockets? The few Rockets at Mt. Moon were using regular forms (of the Darks they would have had in vanilla 1.53 no less).

This is the only thing worth noting that happens in Rock Tunnel, and it's only worth noting because the Sanae is higher leveled than the Reimu. Now would be a great time to mention that the default trainer battle BGM in this game is a direct port of Faith is for the Transient People, and waifu. I digress though, that's on par with insulting the man and he's a swell guy that makes a good friend.



He removed the HM Fly from this NPC. While this would normally be very annoying, you nab it in Gensokyo and getting back there isn't that far off. It's not really a problem, but for some people it ends with WHY CAN'T I FLY YET THIS GAME IS TERRIBLE.

Erika's gym tries to pick the levels back up to what they were around the route north of Vermilion, but unfortunately I have an unfair Mai with STAB Compoundeyes Blizzard.

Medicine has four evolutions in 1.8, and thus plenty of sprites to choose from to fill Chibi, Normal, EX, and LW. Why does EX Medicine get a 1.8 sprite while LW medicine gets what used to be EX Medicine's sprite?

Maybe Surge should loan them a few Dark EX Marisas.

Well, at least Giovanni had a Dark. I guess that's something?

This is getting a little ridiculous.

That's more like iwhat is wrong with your face

Now's as good a time as any to head back and humor the game progression. There's an error with his team, can you spot what it is?

As per quota, nothing else interesting happens.

Fuji is completely irrelevant. We can happily walk past him and talk to the golden tombstone to be magiced into Gensokyo again, all he does is bring you back to his house and tell you that the Tower is linked to Gensokyo, because Gensokyo is in this game and you have to go back there to get Fly and the Poke Flute.

Also, every time you use the tombstone to travel between Gensokyo and Kanto it flashes the "nothing happened" text. A flag could have been set so that it only does that once, but who am I to suggest ways to make a game less tedious?

Spoilers: it's not.

There's a Healing Center here with ghosts attending it. The Ghostmart is rather nice too, no complaints here.

My complaints are for this sequence instead.

It starts out fine, but after you beat the first trainer, you then battle them again.. and again, and again. You have to experience this same exact battle four times in a row.

Your reward is more ghosts,

and Marisa's theme playing as the screen fades to white. This scene in itself isn't that bad, but the screen just fades white with no sound effects or anything, when the scene in the opening where a Chibi Remilia smacks you plays the super effective hit SFX. Maybe insert the Luster Purge sound here? Yeah, that'll do.


Marisa acts shocked that we're back, says the spellbook we found literally five minutes ago isn't important at all, and then gives us the actual important spellbook. At least we're making progress on the plot, which is more than I could say about other Pokemon hacks.

Yuyuko is bored and is more concerned with battling than knowing why a living human is in front of her. I guess she's used to the barrier being useless.

Zero Yuyuko: Ghost/Dark - Levitate - 255 HP, 100 ATK, 220 DEF, 100 SATK, 220 SDEF, 95 SPD

Youmu is legitimately frightening, but Zero Yuyuko's only immediate threat is gumming you to death. She can be a pretty tough nut to crack, and the obligatory Full Restores accent that rather well. At this point your team is evolved and can take most of her hits, so barring unlucky Petal Storm ATK boosts, you should be fine. I guess you should anyway, it's not like I've ever played this legitimately or anything.

The reason you don't get Fly until now is most likely so you proc the event for the Golden Tome and can't miss it, but that doesn't explain why Youmu is in an off-screen corner when she holds the Poke Flute.

what is wrong with your fa

Excuse me one second, but isn't LwSuwako supposed to be "legendary" or some other jazz?

Why is it specified as "Kanto" Safari Zone? Kanto is the only region, and Gensokyo doesn't even have one. This seems really unne


Wait.. what?

It all makes sense now! Her sword is a surfboard.

I've talked about this already, okay?

Once again, why do random gym leaders have Darks while most Rockets don't? And why Sasha? She's not even part Poison, nor does she use Toxic or anything. Back to Gensokyo!

This is one of the other Big Dumb Things (tm) in this game, on par with Reimu. She slides past you since she has no walking animation, and then says what sums up AW perfectly:

After this sage line, Sanae asks the player if they want to have a battle without actually asking the player if they want to battle because the MC agrees right away.

As you can guess, she has Sanae forms.

No, Sanae cannot learn Leaf Blade.

Again, isn't this thing supposed to be a world-ending legendary?

Another Sanae is added because there are no characters on Youkai Mountain other than Sanae, Suwako, and Kanako.

Do I need to say it?

As you could probably guess, there was a reason I was doing this one screenshot at a time instead of all at once, and that something is this.
Zero Sanae: Flying - 180 HP, 150 ATK, 180 DEF, 150 SATK, 180 SDEF, 150 SPD

Huh? The ability? I'm glad you asked.

It's fucking Wonder Guard. Waifu? Waifu. As if this wasn't enough, in earlier versions it had ~1080 BST and every stat was base 180. Once again, this battle is mandatory to progress the game's plot, and there is zero warning that you are about to have to battle something with Wonder Guard that only takes damage from Rock/Ice/Electric attacks, Poison/Burn, or Doom Desire.

Why does Sanae give out so much more money than Reimu? I don't think the Moriya Shrine gets many donations either, considering the whole Youkai Mountain thing and whatnot. After you defeat her she's just super duper happy to have met somebody else from the outside world, and says she has to go drop by Reimu's place.

She's of course nowhere to be found on the map, and instead EARTHQUAKE HAS ARRIVED! WELCOME...TO DIE!

This seems familiar. Why is that? It's not like this was done before or anything.

Instead of going with my initial comment of "god damn it" I'll instead say that Sanae's battle BGM was a technically impressive vocal remix of Last Remote, and Tenshi's battle BGM is a terrible midi of Wonderful Heaven.

This sequence is pretty awkward since you have to actually enter Reimu's shrine to trigger it. It's assumed that you'd do everything in Gensokyo before going back to Kanto, but why would you think to go back to Reimu's place aside from seeing if Sanae was actually there?

I.. just.. look, I'm sorry. I don't have any words for this. I hope you understand.

Oh look, another Zero.
Zero Tenshi: Rock/Flying - Scarlet Sky - 158 HP, 152 ATK, 246 DEF, 164 SATK, 130 SDEF, 140 SPD

What is even going on with those stats? I kind of get /Flying so she can be EQ immune, but it mostly just serves to make her irrelevant since you hit her with Ice Beam and she dies.

I rather hate "HURT ME MOREEEEE KYAAAA~N <3333" Tenshi, so it's a good thing this sequence is over.
No, it wasn't plot-relevant at all, and it's never going to be brought up again.

Some flags get set and Rinnosuke becomes useful.

It's a maze and wilds appear. I'd normally give Ai flak for this, but he's a swell guy and actually provides you with a map on his blog, so I'll let it slide.

I'm not sure if it's too late for this or not, really. Where was this around the beginning of the god damned game?

youre not eirin
where is eirin
i'm telling mom

youre not kaguya
where is kaguya
i'm telling mom

Darks, how do they work?

We're then treated to a scene that's as Canon As Possible where Kaguya doesn't know nothing about no stinking tomes and sends us off to go waste five minutes of Mokou's time asking her about them instead.

Well, okay. I'll ignore that you're hip and ditched the braid, but just this once.

We find Mokou at the other end of the Dull Maze Forest. At first she acts concerned that we may be lost, but then Kaguya's name is brought up and she instantly attacks us, a regular human, without waiting for us to explain ourselves further, which goes completely against her personality.

Mokou did not attack the protagonists of TH08 because they brought up Kaguya's name directly, but rather because they mentioned they were sent after her for a "trial of guts", aka to kill her. Our character did not mention anything of the sort nor was it implied, she simply brought up Kaguya's name and MUMBLE GRUMBLE I HATE KAGUYA BATTLE ME.

This also portrays Kaguya out to be even more of a complete bitch than normal in regards to Mokou, sending a regular human out to go pick on her for laughsies knowing full well that we could get attacked if we said the wrong thing. This is bad form and I doubt MAI WAIFU MAI SISTER Kaguya would actually go send an ordinary human after Mokou to annoy her, even though there's a safety net involved with puppets. All in all though, I doubt I could have wrote anything better for this scene because I'm terrible at roleplaying.

That's enough rambling that may be completely inaccurate though, here's another Zero.
Zero Mokou: Fire - Giga Flare Drought - 255 HP, 130 ATK, 115 DEF, 245 SATK, 115 SDEF, 130 SPD

Zero Mokou hurts, and the main move she uses is a 20% proc Fire Ancientpower. If she gets too many boosts (too many being one), a regular team can be reduced to nothing in a matter of turns. I'm going to assume you think everything at this point has Full Restores, so I'll stop mentioning them.

Yes Mokou, please be more canon in this Touhou fangame. The screen fades to black, she apologizes, and mentions that while Keine found a book recently, she's not here at the moment.

She then shows up literally zero seconds later and talks to Mokou asking who we are, with the screen fading to black again as Mokou explains everything,

followed by Keine repeating the game's plot to us in full detail before handing over the Azure Tome. After everything is said and done, Mokou warps us out of the forest and we never have to acknowledge this section of the game ever again, which is arguably the highest point of this entire arc.