The wilds in Cinnibar Mansion would be more intimidating if they weren't Koakumas. The level 61~64 Flandres aren't intimidating to me, since they don't have enough speed to keep you locked down usually.

Why didn't Magma have this variety?

I shouldn't need to say what happened here.

I actually forgot about Silph Co, so I guess now's a good time to do that.

This screenshot summarizes the Rocket grunts perfectly, so I'll make it the only one.

The Lapras NPC gives you a Kikuri as a reward, since Aichiya ran out of places to put legendaries due to replacing the Winged Mirages with Dark EX puppets. No, really.

At least the Momiji is competent.

The fact I'm bothering to show this probably sets off a few warning signs.

I'm impressed that he didn't give Sabrina a Patchouli form, but LwReimu isn't actually Psychic-typed so I'm rating this battle C-.

Giovanni's Suika dies to its own sand for the last time. B.

Fairly competent. B+

Victory Road. Weren't the Mansion wilds stronger than this?

I'm sorry that I don't really have much to say here; this stretch of the game is pretty bland.

In World Link's favor, it was Emerald and had the apocalypse going on giving me more to talk about. Giving me something to complain about isn't really a good thing, though.

I could just post her entire team and be done, but that wouldn't be completely fair.

It's around this point that the gloves come off and the game offers a challenge to me, and I don't mind it in the slightest. That Superpower was the first time something died, to my knowledge.

Anjiru thought that Kana needed Dark Void because Kana was his waifu. Aichiya agreed with that being a great idea, so he kept it. Why can Kana Last Word again?

Zero Mima - Dark/Ghost - Levitate - 160 HP, 170 ATK, 160 DEF, 170 SATK, 160 SDEF, 170 SPD
The proper response for Zero Mima is "oh holy sweet jesus NO" because by Zero standards, she's ridonkulous, boasting a great dual STAB combined with well-distributed stats.

She gets an Ancientpower (which is doing ~25% per hit),

and the obligatory Destiny Bond.

Add a Salac Berry and you've got a nice little ball of pain. Of course, this kind of sucks if you're playing legitimately, but hey man, that's your choice.

I guess this thing is here too.

Pretty unremarkable.

Zero Remilia - Fire/Dark - Natural Cure - 120 HP, 210 ATK, 120 DEF, 210 SATK, 120 SDEF, 210 SPD
A while back when playing 1.812 E4 rematch, I said that Super Marisa "hit like God's Mac truck and is bodaciously fast." This thing is that but worse, and gets Natural Cure because IMMA SCARY VAMPIRE. It's one of the few things in this game that can stop a rampaging LwYoumu, and the ease of which it can is delicious.

It even gets Leftovers.

This is far scarier than anything Insane ever threw at me, and has accomplished more in two attacks than anything else has so far in five.

Of course, that Fire STAB can't go unused.

What's that? You want to use a Water type? Deal with it.

So yeah, that's a little bit of a thing. I don't know why he thought stuff this powerful was fine for an endgame challenge instead of a postgame challenge, but who am I to judge?

I don't remember this doing anything scary, so I guess the Remilia is the only relevant part of his team.

Against my better judgement, I got tired of taking screenshots and decided to just annotate a video instead. You don't need to watch it since it's pretty boring, but I guess if you're into listening to people talk about games they don't like then this is for you. I forgot to mention that the battle BGM is the vanilla Fire Red "final battle" music instead of some dBu music port or the Necrofantasia arrange of the Champion theme.

Plot coupon.

Woo hoo.

Anjiru being listed here explains everything. I'm not even going to blame Aichiya anymore, he probably just rolls with this because people like broken things.

Hey look, two people I know! One of which being my bromance!

Fire Red's behind us now, and all that's left is the equally dull and uninteresting Gensokyo plot. I'm just as excited as you are.