touhou puppet play 1.812 english port This is a "clean" port of 1.812 JP to an English Fire Red ROM. There's a small niche of people who would rather play 1.812 with its "classic" music or without a bunch of random broken extra features, so this is here so you don't have to fiddle with Japanese > English text files to find attacks.

I have not tested this and it's still missing a bit lot of polish, but from a practical standpoint it should be fully playable. Let me know if something is broken in it, and read the readme. Once I'm sure most everything is working fine, I'll probably release Maribel/Renko versions alongside a version with Red/Leaf so that you may use it as a ROM base for any hacks you wish to make.

You can download it here. (this requires Lunar IPS on Windows or Multipatch if on OSX)
Also, there's an alternate patch which uses Beat as well now.
Last updated: November 3rd, 2012

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