touhou puppet play 1.812 soft translation This is a "soft" translation of Touhou Puppet Play 1.812 JP, due to the current lack of a fully functioning DPPS patch for English Fire Red ROMs.
There's a small niche of people who would rather play 1.812 with its "classic" music, so this is here so you don't have to fiddle with Japanese > English text files to find attacks.

What this translates:
- Species names (Within 5 letters)
- Ability names (within 7 letters)
- Attack names (Within 7 letters)
- Item names (Within 8 letters)
- Type menu icons
- Natures

What this does not translate:
- Literally everything else. The bits translated above should be all is needed to play with much less guesswork, as the game follows the basic Fire Red plot progression.

I forgot to check if the rematch champion's Vivit can crash the game in 1.812, so keep that in mind. I'll probably check it once I bother looking for battle effect messages.
If you already have an existing version of 1.812 JP, download this and patch it over it. Make a backup if you're afraid, but it should preserve your player character.

If you do not have 1.812 JP, then go nab it from the uploader (you want 東方人形劇ver1.812 修正パッチ同封.zip), patch it over a clean FR JP ROM, then apply the soft translation patch to it afterwards.
Here's some screenshots of what it looks like:

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