Touhoumon Purple - it's like Emerald, with less green
mystery gift

why randomizers break on trainer editing (they still edit wilds)
download (last update april 13th, 2019; use clean emerald (u) rom)
documentation + readmes (they're also included in the download)
sandbox mode info (it's in the regular download)
difficulty patches are in the main download as well

General tips:
- Set your save type to Flash/128K to prevent save issues in some emulators
- Alice is good at all stages of the game; Sanae is weak to Tackle but gets better after Roxanne, Reisen struggles until evolution but quickly becomes powerful
- Birds in general are very good
- Medicine will carry you if you allow her to (but she may also poison you in your sleep; use extreme caution)
- Chibi Momiji can Cut and Rock Smash; Namazu can Surf/Strength/Waterfall/Rock Smash, Nue can Fly/Shadow Dive/Thief
- Postgame Steven has the Aurora/Mystic Tickets and Navel Rock is accessible from the Battle Frontier

... too lazy to edit the rest of the page i just wanted the quick links at the top to find my own documentation faster lol

This is a ROM hack of Pokemon Emerald based on Touhou Puppet Play 1.812's mechanics.

The current version can be nabbed >>>here<<< (last updated April 13th, 2019). This requires a clean Emerald (U) ROM. Of the Trashman variety. SHRUG
The download contains IPS files and links to patching utilities.

It will run on a modded 3DS if you convert the files yourself, but I do not have a modded 3DS and I don't feel comfortable directly linking to .cia files here so that download is no longer available.

If you do not use a clean Emerald ROM and patch over an older build of this hack instead, things will break.

Let's just call this version 1.3.1. It's basically finished at this point, barring a few overworld sprites that I just don't feel like doing. I am still open to making small tweaks to the game here and there, though, if they're warranted. Lord knows I've been doing that on and off the past years now lol
If you wish to distribute this hack, then please link to this page - it cuts back on distribution of old versions, and on each update, the previous Mediafire link is set to private. (I've moved on to hosting it directly on this webpage anyway...)
Also, please do not distribute any modifications you make to the hack itself as a public release. What you do with friends is your own business.

Both archive files include a patch for the hack and many useful extra files to make things a bit easier on you, including stuff such as:
- The level curve
- Character locations
- A type chart

.. and a few more things. If you need to see them online for some reason, then you can see them all >here< as well.

As for why to play this over the mesh of other Touhoumon hacks, here's a feature list:
- Many menus are nice and pleasant shades of purple instead of Mello Yello green
- It's Hoenn instead of Kanto
- A fully functional Physical/Special split
- It's 1.8 instead of 1.5, meaning balance among characters
- Custom Ten Desires characters that can be obtained during the course of the main game
- The ability to obtain Shard evolutions without needing the National Dex, creating vast team diversity (and also allows breaking the game to a degree)
- Three "custom ubers" replacing Hoenn's weather trio, if you're into that kind of thing
- Enemy trainers that rely more on movesets to be challenging rather than high stats or levels
- Emerald's music is untouched instead of being a bunch of really loud (and bad) remixes of Love Colored Master Spark
- Removal of the low HP beep so you aren't punished for playing with sound on
- Very few fandom memes; move descriptions are helpful and dex entries are informative (if a bit clunkily written)
- The Battle Frontier
- Puppet Contests

If you're interested in playing against other people in Touhoumon or just finding people to talk to, check out our Shoddy Battle 2 server!

And now, for the bug list! Boy oh boy, bug lists.

* Nothing that I know of, again. I've heard that the Universal Randomizer doesn't randomize movepools though, which I have no control over. Sorry!

* Breeding a Chibi Seiga without Lax Incense will produce a Chibi Yuki; Seiga can breed normally though
* Similarly, breeding whatever are in Marill/Azumarill slots with a Sea Incense will produce an Attack Suika
* Potential typos? Please point these out to me!

* The Word Select menus make absolutely no sense with how the new attacks/species are placed
* Most NPC speech is unedited, such as Maxie going on about summoning Groudon. It is properly decapitalized though

I think I've squashed most everything else that was in these sections, though. Let me know if something creeps up.

This page will be updated whenever there's an actual update to the hack, so I guess that's all I have to say about this now.
If you need to contact me, there's an obligatory tumblog that you can use to:

- Fire unrelated questions at me
- Report an obvious bug I missed
- Ask to mix records

.. so on, so forth. Any and all feedback is valuable, so please do not hesitate to send me an ask over pretty much anything.

Finally, here's some screenshots. I finally took new ones! Only took six years:

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