wow cool free illegit stuff
Before we begin, this writes stuff directly to memory.
If you do not do this correctly it will seriously screw up your team data, or worse.
Only use this in Purple. Bad Things (tm) will happen if you use it on Fire Red versions.

... I'm also too lazy to take new screenshots, so you get to deal with these old ones again.

Make sure you only have one puppet in your party. The contents of the file will be wrote
into the second team slot, so if you have something valuable there it'll be gone.

In VBA, go to Tools > Memory Viewer.

You should see see a window similar to this. Type 02024550 in the text box next to Go, and then.. well, click
Go, and then you'll directly see something similar to this, depending the #-bit button you have clicked.

Click "Load..." and select the desired .DMP file.

Type 02024550 into the address field, and click OK.

The viewer should look something like this now.

If you were in the party menu, exit and re-enter it.
Congratulations, you now have something with blatantly illegal moves that we can pretend are legal because I'm distributing it here!

This will not add entries to the Pokedex if you have not captured the gift puppet.
All gift puppets count as traded.

"But Agastya, why are you being so vague?"
Because I'm reviving all the mystery gifts up until this point and leaving them up from here on out!

Draco Meteor Tori (Lv25)
Agility Yoshika (Lv5)
Maid Mayhem (Lv5)
Chibi Rin (Lv1)
Very strong Cirno (Lv9)

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